About Me

How am i​

My name is  Ramzy, Egyptian – Italian citizen. I’m passionate of ancient history, so that I worked as a licensed tour guide in Egypt for several years (still have the license) and when I travelled to Italy I decided to work as a tour guide too. I became a licensed tour guide in Italy, studying the long history of both countries (Egypt & Italy) and their wonderful monuments that I like too much. In addition too I studies a Bachelor degree in Egypt about Egyptology and a Master degree in Italy in languages and translation, and I like studying languages too such as English, Italian, Russian and of course Arabic language which is my mother tongue and in the near future I’ll study Spanish language too. That’s why you can trust my competences, choosing me to be your guide or translator in Italy, enjoying your vacation.

( and you can check from this web site: www.regione.lazio.it )
The link of the Sapienza University ( web.uniroma1.it )